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Henry & Hyde is an outrageous version of the classic tale. In this version, Henry Jeckyll is the young accountant for the infamous televangelist and "pit bull of American morals," Jack Swigger. The show humorously chronicles Henry’s coming to grips with the dark side of his long-repressed sexual desires and his need to break free from the stifling constraints that he has allowed to be placed upon his behavior. The catalyst for his journey is his alter ego, Hyde, the life-sized personification of Henry’s penis. Through Hyde’s audacious guidance, Henry is finally able to find the love of his life and to balance his ideas of morality with the hunger of his sexuality. In the mean time, televangelist Swigger is haunted by his nightmares of God speaking to him in the form of the African-American, cross-dressing Gigi.


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JM Eisenman
J.M. Eisenman
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Thomas Adams
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